Grand old movies as a way of life

We love movies.  Specifically, we love old movies.  Which, for us, means–REALLY old movies.  Our blog will cover the movies of Hollywood’s Golden Age–movies that came out during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, produced by such great Hollywood studios as MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount, 20th-Century Fox, and Columbia.  We’ll even look at movies produced by the not-so-great outfits–Monogram and PRC–when the mood strikes.  The point is, however, that these movies are, for us, just grand.

By grand we don’t necessarily mean Great.  For many viewers today (especially those well below a Certain Age), “old movies” may mean the famous classics–Gone With The Wind or Citizen Kane, titles that most moviegoers will recognize (and may have even seen).  While we certainly admire GWTW and CK, let’s face it–they’ve been done to death.  What more can we say about David O. Selznick and  the search for Scarlett O’Hara?  Or about Orson Welles’ auteurship?  Or even about the manifold meanings of Rosebud?

Instead, our blog will look at movies that, while maybe not the most famous or fêted, are amongst our personal favorites–movies that we think have been overlooked, or that deserve a second look; that contain wonderful, quirky (or just plain weird) performances by favorite actors; that posses a kind of energy, style, or even outrageousness that we think qualifies them as–well, as the blog title says:  as Grand Old Movies.

Check back with us every week to read more about–those grand old movies.

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